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Editing Case Attribute


  • assigned: bonfacem
  • type: bug
  • keywords: case attributes, data editing

The Metadata and Data Editing Form has several issues that need to be addressed to improve user experience and functionality. The following improvements are required:

  • Data editing options should be more prominent and highlighted as a separate section.
  • Improve the current data editing option text, which is cryptic and unclear, to enhance user experience.
  • Include metadata (E.g. index, trait name, date of export, and user ID) in the exported file's header.
  • Ensure the index order is the same as that shown in default mode by GN.
  • Provide clearer feedback on successful submission of edited data, and fix any issues that cause incorrect or messy data after submission.

UI/UX is a recurring theme in this task, and attempts have been made in the past. This being a big issue, this should be addressed as a separate issue entirely.

Other related issues:


Given we are integrating RDF into GN, we have to rethink how we do our edits.

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