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Fix Case Attribute Work (Same Columns)


  • assigned: bonfacem
  • type: bug
  • keywords: case attributes, data editing


  • [x] Parse things in "brackets"
  • [x] When editing columns with the same header:
  • [x] Check whether there's an ID. If so:
  • [x] Get the case attribute ID in brackets when in caseattributeXRef
  • [x] Else, do the fetching in SQL
  • [x] Check whether there's an
  • [x] Rollbacks ("conn.rollback()")
  • [-] Consecutive inserts with same values
  • [-] Consecutive deletions

Notes: 06/04/22

Most of these issues have been addressed in these 2 PRs:

The last 2 elements in the tasks have been moved out to their own tasks.

Also, wrt UI issues see:

  • closed
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