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Update production

In this document we describe the specific steps required to update production.

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Virtuoso RDF

Once we have an RDF dump of the database in a file 'data.ttl' we can test it for correctness with:

tux01:~$ rapper --input turtle --count  dump.ttl
rapper: Parsing URI file:///home/wrk/dump.ttl with parser turtle
rapper: Parsing returned 652395 triples

Test the virtuoso endpoint with

curl http://localhost:8892/sparql

Then, upload it to a virtuoso SPARQL endpoint running at port 8892

curl -v -X PUT --digest -u dba:password -T data.ttl -G http://localhost:8892/sparql-graph-crud-auth --data-urlencode graph=http://genenetwork.org

To test

curl "http://localhost:8892/sparql?default-graph-uri=&query=prefix+gn%3A+%3Chttp%3A%2F%2Fgenenetwork.org%2F%3E+%0D%0A%0D%0ASELECT+distinct+*+WHERE+%7B%3Fu++gn%3AbinomialName+%3Fo%7D&format=application%2Fsparql-results%2Bjson&timeout=0&signal_void=on"

and you should see the data:

        "u": {
          "type": "uri",
          "value": "http://genenetwork.org/inbredSet_srxshrspf2"
        "o": {
          "type": "literal",
          "value": "UIOWA SRxSHRSP F2"

For more information see

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