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Quick overview

Shepherd runs in systemd as a shepherd user

systemctl status user-shepherd.service


On Debian based systems we run shepherd as a shepherd user. The service gets started up through systemd. There is currently a systemd service to automatically start shepherd on system boot-up. A copy of the service lives in the shepherd-service repository.

The process for deploying the services:

symlink shepherd-services/shepherd to $HOME/.config/shepherd
symlink shepherd-services/cron to $home/.config/cron
symlink shepherd-services/*sh to $HOME

When shepherd starts up it should start all the services. So currently that's bnw, gitea, ipfs, power, rn6app, singlecell and the mcron services, gitea-dump and pubmed.

To use shepherd's herd command the command is 'sudo -u shepherd /home/shepherd/.guix-profile/bin/herd status'.

su shepherd
/home/shepherd/.guix-profile/bin/herd status

Adding a bash alias, such as "alias herd-herd='sudo -u shepherd /home/shepherd/.guix-profile/bin/herd'", will make it easier to interact with shepherd without needing to switch to the shepherd user. The logs for the various shepherd services are located in /home/shepherd/logs/ but are not yet timestamped. The log for shepherd itself is in /home/shepherd/.config/shepherd/shepherd.log. There is not yet a way to change this from a config file.

Description=Launch user shepherd daemon

ExecStart=/var/guix/profiles/per-user/shepherd/guix-profile/bin/shepherd --socket=/home/shepherd/.config/shepherd/shepherd.sock



This seems to be documentation, and not necessarily a task, issue or enhancement to be worked on. It is a topic.

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