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Fire up system container for GN-QA System


The current code is a WIP. Patches will be sent after a working container is set-up. Most recent code can be found at /home/bonfacem/gn-machines and the current confs that were copied to the respective paths can be found at: /home/bonfacem/qa-set-up-files/. Important files that were changed/introduced are: /home/bonfacem/gn-machines/{qa-gn.scm, qa-gn-deploy.sh, genenetwork/services/genenetwork.scm}.

Setting up SSL Keys

Generated RS256 key-pairs by following:

Currently, on tux02, you can find the key-pairs:

ls /home/bonfacem/qa-set-up-files/*pem

These have been saved in


The client key pairs have been saved in:


If the above directory is empty, gn-auth will crap out.

In the container, we have that mounted as:


Because of permission issues, this is a lazy work-around---when setting up the container---to get things up and running:

(for-each (lambda (file)
                      (chmod file #o777))
                    (find-files #$ssl-path #:directories? #t))

and for the gunicorn app, for similar issues around permissions:

             (name "gn-auth")
             (package gn-auth)
             (sockets (list (forge-ip-socket
                             (port gn-auth-port))))
             (wsgi-app-module "gn_auth:create_app()")
             (workers 20)
              (list (environment-variable
                     (name "GN_AUTH_CONF")
                     (value gn-auth-conf))
                     (name "HOME")
                     (value "/tmp"))
                     (name "AUTHLIB_INSECURE_TRANSPORT")
                     (value "true"))))
             (mappings (list database-mapping
                              (source ssl-path)
                              (target source)
                              (writable? #t)))))

GN2 Set-up

Had the following tangled to /export2/guix-containers/genenetwork/gn-qa/etc/genenetwork/gn2-secrets.py:


GN3 Set-up

Had the following tangled to /export2/guix-containers/genenetwork/gn-qa/etc/genenetwork/gn3-secrets.py:


gn-auth Set-up

Had the following tangled to /export2/guix-containers/genenetwork/gn-qa/etc/genenetwork/gn3-secrets.py:


For the db, I manually inserted entries for Bonfacem and AlexM using scripts from gn-auth in SQLITE and saved that to /export/data/gn-qa/genenetwork-sqlite/auth-qa.db

Nginx configuration / Building the container

Added this block to /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:

stream {

    upstream qa-gn-genenetwork {


    map $ssl_preread_server_name $upstream {
        qa.genenetwork.org qa-gn-genenetwork;
        qa-auth.genenetwork.org qa-gn-genenetwork;

Reload nginx gracefully:

sudo systemctl reload nginx

AI Set-up and Systemd service set-up

XXX: TODO with Alexm


In the container SSL issues were resolved by running:

/usr/bin/acme renew

Error related to a missing key in GN2 when trying to sign a new user in wqflask/oauth2/toplevel.py:

"sub": request.args["user_id"]

was fixed by using the latest gn-auth code. The one in guix-bioinformatics is stale.

There was an error when displaying the error page. Fixed upstream in guix-bioinformatics:

Whenever our git instance fails, CD---in particular auth---will fail. This needs further investigation. Restarting the CD container will fix things.

(made with skribilo)