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BASH script to install BigBlueButton in 30 minutes.


wget -qO- https://ubuntu.bigbluebutton.org/bbb-install.sh | bash -s -- -w -a -v bionic-24 -s meet.genenetwork.org -e info@example.com

Installing with Debian

https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bbb-install/issues/325 https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bbb-install/issues/314

How NixNet deploys their BBB

jgart‎: amolith, how hard was it to set up BBB? ‎03/05/2022 | 02:18:05 AM ‎jgart‎: did you use the bbb-install script? https://github.com/bigbluebutton/bbb-install ‎03/05/2022 | 02:18:18 AM ‎jgart‎: any advice is much appreciated arethian‎: <a​molith/tg> jgart, yep I used the script. It takes care of everything ‎03/05/2022 | 08:02:02 AM ‎arethian‎: <a​molith/tg> Note, that you will need an additional sever for TURN but it can be pretty lightweight ‎03/05/2022 | 12:30:35 PM ‎jgart‎: amolith, THNX! It is much appreciated and thank you for providing such awesome services to the community

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