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Improving Logging in GN2

What Are We Trying To Solve?

We prioritise maintaining user functionality over speed in GN [with time this speed will be improved]. As such we should be pay more attention at not breaking any currently working GN2 functionality. And when/if we do, trouble-shooting should be easy. On this front, one way is to stream-line logging in both GN2/GN3 and make it more script friendly - only report when something fails, not to instrument variables - and in so doing make the process of monitoring easier.


  • Have script-friendly error/info logs.
  • Remove noise from GN2.
  • Separate logging into different files: error logs, info logs. Add this somewhere with Flask itself instead of re-directing STDOUT to a file.


  • Logging in GN3.
  • Parsing logs to extract goals.
  • Getting rid of "gn.db" global object and in so doing removing "MySqlAlchemy" [that we really shouldn't be using].
  • Adding log messages to existing functions.

Actual Design

  • Get rid of "utility.logger" module and replace it with Flask's or Python's in-built logging.
  • Configure the logging system to automatically add the module name, line number, time-stamps etc.
  • Use a better format for displaying the logs.
  • Delete "with Bench..." calls.


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