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GN3 Error Handling


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This documentation explains how GN3 handles errors in the application.


GN3 uses app-level error handling in Flask instead of try and except blocks within individual routes.


  • Centralized error management simplifies maintenance by centralizing error handling in one location.
  • Ensures uniform behavior across the application, making it more predictable.
  • Promotes code reuse by handling errors through shared logic.
  • Keeps route functions clean and focused by removing redundant error handling.
  • Enhances scalability by efficiently managing error handling as the application grows.

In this approach, errors are registered and handled at the application level. For example:

Error Handler

def handle_generic(exc: Exception) -> Response:
    """Handle generic exceptions."""
    response = jsonify({
        "error": type(exc).__name__,
        "error_description": exc.args[0] if exc.args else "Generic Exception",
        "trace": traceback.format_exc()
    response.status_code = 500
    return response

Registering Error Handlers at the App Level

def register_error_handlers(app: Flask):
    """Register application-level error handlers."""
    app.register_error_handler(NotFound, page_not_found)
    app.register_error_handler(Exception, handle_generic)

Flask Route Without Try-Except Blocks

def some_route():
    # If an error occurs, it is handled at the app level
    data = computation()
    return jsonify(data)

For more examples in GN3, see the link below:

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