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How to Start GN2 and GN3

This document describes in a short how we run GN2 and GN3 on the current production setup.

Note that we should replace this with a system container.

This details how GN2/GN3 production are currently started. It's probably a good idea to create a shell script for starting GN3 like we have for GN2 at some point, since currently environment variables are set manually.

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GN2 depends on GN3 for REST services and libraries.


Set PATH/PYTHONPATH/GN2_PROFILE environment variables


export GN2_PROFILE=/home/zas1024/opt/gn-latest-20221206
export PATH=$GN2_PROFILE/bin:$PATH
export PYTHONPATH="$GN2_PROFILE/lib/python3.9/site-packages"

Start development on port 8081

Start GN3 from the relevant directory

env FLASK_DEBUG=1 FLASK_APP="main.py" CORS_ORIGINS="http://gn2-zach.genenetwork.org:*,https://gn2-zach.genenetwork.org:*,http://genenetwork.org:*,https://genenetwork.org:*" flask run --port=8081

GN3 has a settings.py file now. See the README.

Start production on port 8087

cd ~/gn3_production/genenetwork3
gunicorn --bind --workers 8 --keep-alive  6000 --max-requests 10 --max-requests-jitter 5 --timeout 1200 wsgi:app

Note I had to comment out some oauth stuff on the latest.


1. Just run /home/gn2/production/run_production.sh

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