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Our virtuoso instances

We run three instances of virtuoso.

The public SPARQL endpoint is accessible at


All our virtuoso instances are deployed in Guix system containers. The configuration for these containers is at


The ports these virtuoso instances are deployed on is subject to change, and you should really look up the Guix configuration file to find the correct port. But, here is a summary for quick lookup. Please fix this if it is inaccurate.

Internal production virtuoso on tux01

  • Server port: 8891
  • SPARQL endpoint port: 8892

Internal CD virtuoso on tux02

  • Server port: 9081
  • SPARQL endpoint port: 9082

Public SPARQL endpoint virtuoso on tux02

  • Server port: 8981
  • SPARQL endpoint port: 8982


Password based authentication is required to mutate the data in these virtuoso instances. These passwords are available with Pjotr and Arun. Please contact them if you need access.

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