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I think this is a distinct topic from the inserting_data one, since that just mentions add new samples (or case attributes) to existing traits.

Rob just mentioned adding the functionality (that apparently exists in GN1) to add Temp traits (through the Submit Trait page, though we could create a new interface) and then convert those traits to permanent traits.

Below are some criteria he mentioned and comments about the existing GN1 system:

- In GN1 I believe you can only do this with phenotype traits. From the Submit Trait page (https://genenetwork.org/submit_trait) you only select a group (not a specific dataset), so if you permanently add that trait it's just entered as a phenotype. This is probably the main (if not only) way people would use this feature, though, so that might be fine.

- For GN2 we will need to add a curation step. GN1 actually doesn't have one - any logged in user could add traits! We were just lucky no one abused this.

- The curation can probably borrow from Bonface's existing work, though there will need to be an extra step where it e-mails (or otherwise notifies) curator(s) to notify them of the change. Rob says this can just be him. It might work to have it just e-mail Rob, but also let the changes be viewable through an interface like the "datasets/diffs one" (maybe a separate "datasets/inserts" or something).

- This feature should also be tied in with authentication. When a user adds a trait, access should automatically be restricted to just them until they open it up to the public. I don't think this should be that difficult; when the trait is inserted it's simple to run the Redis command setting them as the owner and the default privileges as private.

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