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Weechat is a very versatile terminal chat that can handle IRC, Matrix and Slack.

Weechat install + slack

Arun has packaged weechat for slack and matrix in GNU Guix. Current install using a guix environment:

env GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/guix-bioinformatics/ ~/opt/guix-latest/bin/guix environment --ad-hoc coreutils weechat weechat-matrix weechat-wee-slack nss-certs openssl python
/python load /gnu/store/i4a3ynfjvq8r8cch14gkn2fwfs77wagj-profile/share/weechat/python/wee_slack.py
/slack register

So, capture the shell GUIX_ENVIRONMENT and use that to launch the wee-slack plugin. Next register a token through te Slack web interface.

If you go through the motions you get a token and

/slack register 2654233192084.2682932906197.fd6d6e55c0038f-etc-052b4fa578ec497710b4b8770f1-etc
/python reload slack

More instructions for https://github.com/wee-slack/wee-slack.

Weechat IRC

We have a GeneNetwork channel

/set irc.server_default.nicks pjotrp
/server add libera irc.libera.chat/6697 -ssl -autoconnect
/connect libera
/join #guix
/join #guix-risc-v
/join #guix-hpc
/join #genenetwork

Weechat matrix

The matrix plugin works similar to above Slack plugin.

/script load matrix.py
/matrix server add fosdem chat.fosdem.org
/set matrix.server.matrix_org.username pjotrp-linux
/set matrix.server.matrix_org.password ****
/set matrix.server.matrix_org.autoconnect on

Only the matrix version is not so polished. For example, it is hard to find the buffers because they are named by a hash. In a buffer you can rename with

/buffer set short_name myname

Also, you need to enable every channel explicitly to exchange keys

/olm verify @user:matrix.org *
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