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Rebooting the GN production machine(s)

I needed to add the hard disks in the BIOS to make them visible - one of the annoying aspects of these Dell machines. First on Tux02 I cheched the borg backups to see if we have a recent copy of MariaDB, GN2 etc. The DB is from 2 days ago and the genotypes of GN2 are a week old (because of a permission problem). I'll add a copy by hand of both - an opportunity to test the new 10Gbs router.

Something funny is going on. When eno4 goes down the external webserver interface is not working. It appears, somehow, that is covering for I need to check that!


Before rebooting

On Tux02:

On Tux01:

On both:



On tux02 eno2d1 is the 10Gbs network interface. Unfortunately I can't get it to connect at 10Gbs with Tux01 because the latter is using that port for the outside world.

Playing with 10Gbs on Tux01 sent the hardware in a tail spin, what to think of this solution on

bnxt_en 0000:01:00.1 (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): Error (timeout: 500015) msg {0x0 0x0} len:0

Solution was to power down the server(s) and *remove* power cords for 5 minutes.

The Linux kernel shows some fixes that are not on Tux01 yet

In our case a simple reboot worked, fortunately.


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  • type: system administration
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