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MySQLdb._exceptions.OperationalError: (1040, 'Too many connections')


  • assigned: bonfacem, fredm, aruni
  • type: bug
  • keywords: mysql, database


  • [x] Figure out root cause
  • [x] Send patch


See the strack trace present in this page:

Debug notes

The function decorated with `@app.before_requests` is called before every request, even ones retrieving static files like CSS and JS files. This executes the `sqlalchemy.create_engine(...)' statement many times for each page.

I started by checking whether the request is to a *static* or *js* endpoint, and if it is, we do not bother trying to create the engine in that case.

This does not resolve the issue per-se, but it does reduce a lot of the noise when logging.

Closing for now

We have not been able to reproduce this issue for the last few months. I am closing it for now, but we may reopen it if it recurs.

  • closed
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