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Xapian Search Results not Quite as Expected


  • type: bug
  • assigned: arun, fredm
  • priority: medium
  • status:
  • keywords: xapian, search


The following is a list of failing examples of search, with notes on what I expected.

Querying by Name

To verify that the trait exists, here is

That also means we cannot do an inverse search, where we say something like

species:mouse NOT BXD_24417

Here is

relating to the indexing of the data for search.


Identifiers such as BXD_24417 are arbitrary internal identifiers that hold no meaning outside GeneNetwork. This is unlike something like a PubMed ID that holds meaning outside GeneNetwork. Arbitrary internal identifiers should not be exposed to the outside world.

`NOT` Operator not Working Right

works as expected, but should you want to, say, filter out one of the authors, with something like

you do not get the expected results.

Changing the search to

leads to an outright exception: This should probably be handled.

of the `NOT` operator acting a little weird: note that phenotypes with "Lu L" as an author still show up.


Due to

pure `NOT` queries are not supported.

Queries involving author:"Lu L" not working is a bug. This has been moved to a separate bug report.

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