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UI Design

1. Input/Receive Data in UI (drag and drop/upload submit form)

2. Select Mouse

"What type of Group are you using?"

(AKXD, BXH, Mouse Diversity Panel, BXD)

3. "What is your platform?"

(Aff, Ilumina, ...)

If Affymetrix (Aff) is selected then there should be various options like Clarion S.

If the platform you chose is not available:

Tell PI that they should solicit for their platform to be added to the list.

They can contact us via email.

4. Allow excel file upload?

More Example UI Interactions and Checks

"If your dataset does not comply with GN then you can try uploading your dataset so that we can inspect it."

"Your dataset has two erroneous entries: Gene Accession Gene."

"The last two columns have the wrong format for the strain name."

"Here's our format of how your dataset should look like."

ProbeSetID Strains ...

"Inbred Set ID 1 is the same as BXD"

These are the strains: ...


  • assigned: fredm, jgart
  • type: feature-request
  • status: closed
  • priority: medium
  • keywords: UI, quality control
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