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Quality Control Project

Develop an app with a web interface to automate the job of cleaning tsv data files for entry. The app would be used by a group of users on a network to upload data.

QC should be embedded functionality of the data uploader that Bonface has written.

escrow) - Bonface wrote this already

The QC step consists of

So, even though the data is in 'escrow' we should be able to use it as something that is in the database. GN1 does some of that. This is where Arun comes in - we need to have a common handler for data that is in the database and data that is in escrow. My idea is that this will all be text files (truth files). A simple first QC step is to check that all fields in the table are numbers where should be. Not text.

Note we could run QC through the REST API too. That would allow it to be run from R and Python and Jupyter notebooks. Make it part of GN3.

The tricky part is still how the data is handled in escrow.


  • assigned: fredm, jgart
  • priority: high
  • type: feature-request
  • status: closed
  • keywords: quality control
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