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Fix Opaque Errors


  • status: closed, completed
  • assigned: fredm
  • type: bug
  • priority: high
  • keywords: opaque errors, errors, UX, user experience, gn-uploader


This issue is meant to deal with instances of opaque errors. I describe the concept of "opaque errors", as errors whose messages do not provide the user with enough information to help them fix issues on their own where possible.

As an example, see "Standard-Error Files Upload - Opaque Error Message" below.

Fixed issues are marked with [x], in progress, or partially fixed issue with [-] and issues that have not had any work done yet with [ ].

[x] Standard-Error Files Upload - Opaque Error Message

Trying to upload standard error files, the user might be faced with an error such as:

This error does not tell the user much that is helpful. It should be changed to something like:

There were no annotation found for the dataset "Standard Error Dataset" under the "BXD mice group study for breast cancer Standard Error" that is linked to the "Affymetrix Clariom S Array Mouse" platform. Please verify you selected the correct platform, study and dataset for your standard-error file(s).

The error message in the screenshot attached above is obvious when one

but it does not help the user figure out what they did wrong.

The "more correct" error shown in the example above is arguably more helpful, and helps the user figure out what they did wrong.

The fix:

(made with skribilo)