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Miscellaneous UI issues

This is a collection of UI issues mentioned by Rob in e-mails.


  • type: ui
  • keywords: user-interface
  • assigned: zachs, ethan, bonfacem
  • status: closed
  • priority: low


- [X] Change following drop-down menu items:

  • Diversity Outbred -> DO Gatti Blood n=742 (2014, no mapping)
  • Diversity Outbred Lung -> DO Boon Lung Infection n=194 (Apr22)
  • Heterogeneous Stock Collaborative Cross -> DO Hitzemann Striatum mRNA n=90 (Feb11, no mapping)

- [-] Fix issue with one sample not being in the DOL .geno file

- [X] Add group code to mapping loading page metadata - 7bb9067585616f2759add72c668d666c9ac73aa8

- [X] Move mapping figure options to the left - 059bd7f954bf08a6e1d87b2cde40fe231fbc0be3

- [-] Remove error bars from bar chart when there's no SE

- [-] Add N in white text to bar chart when applicable

- [-] Change High P in Collection to Peak LOD or Peak ???logP.

- [-] Make Collection and Search tables the same style (at least as much as possible; alignment should at least be the same)

- [-] Fix Partial Correlation button when screen is narrow

Mon 20 Jun 2022 14:42:09 EAT

@Ethan is integrating this:

and he'll be submit a series of PRs to clean up the HTML on all of the pages. There's a lot of render time performance to be had (probably hundreds of ms in the worst cases) just by cleaning up the HTML.

Closing for now

There has been no update on this for some time now; and some of the items highlighted above seem to have been fixed elsewhere or is yet to worked on separately.

  • closed
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