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Minor Phenotype Page UI updates


  • assigned: bonfacem, robw, rupert
  • priority: high
  • type: ui
  • keywords: phenotypes


These are minor updates depending on feedback from Rob and Rupert.

  • [x] Use standard format for publications.
  • [x] Add a subscript for PubMed and add that somewhere.
  • [x] Duplicate author list.
  • [x] Remove Underline at the very top.
  • [x] Fix Additive display
  • [x] Add extra metadata from Phenotypes: "Peak -logP"(LOD-Score), peak-location, effect-size

Resolved in: 77f9036298e8, abe23c624c66, a850acb21152, 7b2a0e1be7d8 in:

Also, work in GN2 and GN3:

  • closed
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