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Mapping: Haley-Knott Regression: Zooming Bug


  • status: closed
  • keywords: mapping, Haley-Knott Regression
  • priority: medium
  • type: bug
  • assigned: zsloan

Definition of terms

  • ${HOST}: The host you are working on e.g. "cd.genenetwork.org", "localhost:5000", etc

Bug Description

  • Go to ${HOST}/show_trait?trait_id=1457545_at&dataset=HC_M2_0606_P
  • Select "Mapping Tools" drawer
  • Select "Haley-Knott Regression"
  • Click "Compute"
  • Once mapping is complete, on the LRS against Megabases graph, click on the chromosome number at the top of the graph e.g. click on the '2'
  • See 'SQL Syntax' exception thrown
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