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Logging Handler Improvements for GN3


  • assigned: jnduli
  • priority: low
  • type: enhancement


Our logs help us fix problems without the need for LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG


When fixing logs in our database_connection

I realized that our logs don't provide enough context to debug and fix problems.

Also looking at the code in gn3

We only provide StreamHandler which I still don't understand how it links up to the overall logging infrastructure.


  • Change our FORMAT message to provide more context for failures i.e. use "%(levelname)s:%(name)s:%(pathname)s:%(funcName)s:%(asctime)s:%(message)s"
  • Add extra handlers that help easily parse and store errors permanently. Piping the StreamHandler to a file may still help and work here. Storing the logs in a file supports some nice future features that may help with maintentance.
  • Build a tool that can parse and search through the log files looking for `ERROR`s. This helps us with early detection of potential problems instead of waiting for users to complain about this. This means attempting to be more detailed on our logs. A potential improvement would be to log our errors in gn3's error logging code meaning we have user failures in our code.
  • Log rotation strategy?
  • Infrastructure for managing logs? I'm familiar with ELK.
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