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GN3 NGINX Timeout


  • Assigned: alexm
  • Keywords: CD, GN3
  • Status: closed
  • Priority: Medium
  • Type: Bug


The issue is that some requests to the GN3 API result in an nginx 504 Gateway Time-out error. This may not necessarily be a bug, but encountering a request timeout within 30 seconds is a short timeframe. Previously, we had a related issue where the Gunicorn server would timeout. A fix was introduced by increasing the timeout.

For reference, see the issue:

An example is when querying the Fahamu API to get non-empty results; one might have to wait up to 2 minutes. To test this on CD:

curl --json @json_data.txt https://cd.genenetwork.org/api3/llm/gnqna

The JSON file:

"querygnqa": "describe what genetics are"


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