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genenetwork2 CD sometimes fails to restart

When the genenetwork2 CI job passes, the genenetwork2 CD is restarted. Sometimes, this restart fails even though the CI job ran successfully. This manifests as a https://cd.genenetwork.org page with all green badges, but with a message that says "GeneNetwork CD is down!". Restarting the entire CI/CD container or rerunning the genenetwork2 CI job and thus restarting the genenetwork2 shepherd service fixes this issue.

This problem is specific to the genenetwork2 CD and not the genenetwork3 CD. I suspect this is not a problem with the CI/CD Guix configuration, but rather with genenetwork2 itself. More debugging is necessary.

A reminder that CD logs are publicly accessible on tux02.


This issue has been re-opened. Originally, we believed that the restart failures were due to occasional breakage in GN code, and were not a problem with the CI/CD system itself. This will need further investigation to figure out what the root cause is.

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