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GN1 Production

We are facing a number of issues with GN1 running on production (tux01). This is the meta-index to track resolving them.

This list does not include stuff that needs to be ported to GN2(!). See the GN2 tracker for that.


  • type: bug
  • priority: critical
  • keywords: GN1
  • status: in progress
  • kanban: pjotrp
  • assigned: pjotrp, zachs, robw

List of outstanding issues

(see also E-mail Rob 14 Sep 2021)

  • [ ] Fix annotating metadata - or do we have GN2 alternative?
  • [ ] Fix annotation link - appears to be a hard coded redirect
  • [ ] Enable time machines
  • [ ] Disable all defunct URLs (needs a script)
  • [X] Disable galaxy URL
  • [X] Disable EC2 URL
  • [X] Disable GN mailing list URL
  • [ ] Disable all defunct URLs
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