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Fix Collection Export


  • assigned: zsloan
  • type: bug
  • priority: high
  • status: closed
  • keywords: collections


The export function from "collection" has not been working for a while. You can still export from within the trait page, but there's one limitation. For example, http://genenetwork.org/show_trait?trait_id=ENSMUST00000115420&dataset=UTHSC-BXD-Harv_Liv-1019 If you go to this page, there are columns with important info (e.g., strain, sex, age, diet). If you click "export", you only get the individual name and trait value. There is no easy way for users to link the "name" back to the strain. (I've done it but it was extremely difficult copy and paste section by section).


- This has been fixed in d9bd1530aa2f46c5f54ea1ec80e56ad2c6ad6efb ; the issue appeared to be that there were some whitespace/newline characters in the checkbox cell, so some code that was fetching "the first item in the checkbox TD" wasn't getting the checkbox (which contains trait identifying info in its values)

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