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Fetch trait names for phenotypes


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The 'Fetch Trait Info' query returns detailed information for transcript expression traits, but not for traits from the 'Publish' database.

Describe the solution you'd like

For example, downloading the data as CSV via the web interface includes the following header information:

Record ID,10620
Description,"Central nervous system, behavior, learning and memory: Morris water maze search-time preference, amount of time spent in the trained quadrant of the pool minus mean time in the alternative quadrants [seconds]"

Whereas via the API, only information on pre-computed QTL mapping is returned:

       additive   id      locus              lrs
10620 4.7790005 1382 rs32197605 9.39579775800466

It would be great to be able to access trait names and descriptions programatically as is already possible for transcript expression traits.

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