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csv export meta data are not commented out


  • assigned: zsloan
  • priority: high
  • type: bug
  • status: unclear
  • keywords: CSV, from github, meta data


csv export data can't be read using the example R code The csv looks like this:

Phenotype ID: 11320
Phenotype URL: http://genenetwork.org/show_trait?trait_id=11320&dataset=BXDPublish
Group: BXD
"Phenotype: Central nervous system"","" pharmacology"","" behavior: Morphine response (50 mg/kg ip)"","" locomotion from 45-60 min after injection in an activity chamber for males [n beam breaks]"
"Authors: Philip VM, Ansah TA, Blaha CD, Cook MN, Hamre KM, Lariviere WR, Matthews DB, Mittleman G, Goldowitz D, Chesler EJ"
Title: High-throughput behavioral phenotyping in the expanded panel of BXD recombinant inbred strains
"Journal: Genes, Brain & Behavior"
Dataset Link: http://gn1.genenetwork.org/webqtl/main.py?FormID=sharinginfo&InfoPageName=BXDPublish


The metadata need to be commented out and the empty line needs to be removed. R expects the first line to be the header.

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