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Capture state of phenotypes in a HASH


  • assigned: pjotrp, zsloan
  • type: enhancement, feature-request
  • status: in progress
  • priority: medium
  • keywords: phenotypes, REST, UI


To represent the state of the database we need to start using HASH values or UUIDs. For phenotypes we should create these for phenotype columns within a dataset - i.e. the column one uses for mapping. @zsloan this is metadata and I suggest we use RDF so we can have a historic view of changes in datasets. A change can be described as table - mapped to RDF:

dataset -> hash -> date -> submitter

The hash can be computed over data that is streamed over the REST API - so people van validate client side (as a feature).

This mentions RDF - which I think

  • aruni

was involved in. I (fredm) have tagged them here, for their evaluation of the relevance of this issue to them.

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