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Broken continuous deployment

The continuous deployment (CD) of GeneNetwork2 at https://gn2dev.genenetwork.org/ is broken. Even with all javascript enabled, none of the menu items load. The error message "There was an error retrieving and setting the menu. Try again later." appears. Perhaps there is something missing in the CD that is present in production?

This bug is quite critical. Our CD is unusable without addressing this bug.


It turned out that there were 3 issues at play here.

  • GN_SERVER_URL was not set in the CD. GN_SERVER_URL is required by the javascript to query the genenetwork3 API and populate the menu.
  • The mariadb socket was not accessible to the genenetwork3 process inside its container.
  • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) was not allowed by the genenetwork3 server. Fred is now working on fixing this in the genenetwork3 code.
  • assigned: fredm

Update: 2022-07-11

The CORS issue is now fixed. The menus are loading appropriately.

  • status: closed, completed
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