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Guix: Using guix shell with root file


  • assigned: jgart
  • type: unclear
  • status: unclear
  • priority: low
  • keywords: guix, guix shell, root file


guix shell --root

Let's benchmark and test these options to see if it helps the speed/times with building a new container.

-r, --root=FILE        make FILE a symlink to the result, and register it
                       as a garbage collector root
01/27/2022 | 06:47:42 PM  lfam: jgart: I would use the --root argument of `guix shell` to make sure the results aren't garbage collected
01/27/2022 | 06:47:51 PM  jgart: ah ok cool
01/27/2022 | 06:47:55 PM  lfam: You might also run the guix-daemon with the various --keep-[...] options
01/27/2022 | 06:48:17 PM  lfam: I mean the --gc-keep-[...] options
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