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When binderlite finds an unkown package in a guix manifest

What do we do if binderlite finds a package that is not in upstream guix in a manifest?

This is what it currently does:

guix environment: error: guile-pipe: unknown package
guix environment: error: failed to load '/tmp/notebooks/jgarte/guile-notebook-genenetwork-api/guix.scm':
gnu/packages.scm:543:4: In procedure specification->package+output:
Throw to key `quit' with args `(1)'.

Should we send the user to a 404 Package not Found page and tell them to package it and submit a patch to upstream before using it in a binderlite container?

Open questions/Ideas

Should binderlite support building containers with packages from third party Guix Channels or only packages trusted from upstream?

If yes, how should binderlite users specify/request a channel to subscribe to?

Or, should channels be managed by the sysadmin only for security reasons?

It's probably a security risk since a guix channel can pull in arbitrary packaged code that might not be audited or fully trusted.


  • type: bug
  • assigned: jgart
  • status: unclear
  • keywords: binderlite, notebooks
  • priority: high
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