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Autogenerate documentation: trees, and labels


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Given an s-expression say:

(define-dump dump-species
  (tables (Species))
   (gn:name rdfs:range rdfs:Literal)
   (gn:displayName rdfs:range rdfs:Literal)
   (gn:binomialName rdfs:range rdfs:Literal)
   (gn:family rdfs:range rdfs:Literal))
  (triples (string->identifier "species" (field Species FullName))
    (set rdf:type 'gn:species)
    (set gn:name (field Species SpeciesName))
    (set gn:displayName (field Species MenuName))
    (set gn:binomialName (field Species FullName))
    (set gn:family (field Species Family))
    (set gn:organism (ontology 'ncbiTaxon: (field Species TaxonomyId)))))

... parse the s-expression into markdown into a form that looks like this:

# dump-species
## Metadata for predicates used in defining dump-species

gn:name -> rdfs:range -> rdfs:Literal
gn:display -> rdfs:range -> rdfs:Literal
gn:binomialName -> rdf:range -> rdfs:Literal
gn:family -> rdfs:range -> rdfs:Literal

## Triples inside the dump-species
An example of an identifer that would be used as a subject is: gn:species_mus_musculus

gn:species_mus_musculus -> rdf:type -> gn:species
gn:species_mus_musculus -> gn:name -> Species.SpeciesName
gn:species_mus_musculus -> gn:displayName -> Species.MenuName
gn:species_mus_musculus -> gn:binomialName -> Species.FullName
gn:species_mus_musculus -> gn:family -> Species.Family
gn:species_mus_musculus -> gn:organism -> Species.TaxonomyId

Example query to fetch all metadata about a species:

: SELECT ?p ?o WHERE { gn:species_mus_musculus ?p ?o } LIMIT 1

Some current challenges I'm facing: in the case of "blank-nodes", how do I autogenerate the docs?

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