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Use "Authorisation Code Flow" for Authentication


  • assigned: fredm
  • priority: critical
  • status: closed, completed
  • keywords: authentication, authorisation, oauth2, authorisation code flow
  • type: feature request, improvement


We use OAuth2 for our auth(entic|oris)ation system.

Currently, the system is making use of the "Password Grant Flow"[0] which was easy to implement and use for verifying concepts during development, but is not recommended for actual web applications. This is because, the "Password Grant Flow"[0] is meant for highly-trusted applications.

Instead, the OAuth2 specification recommends the use of the "Authorisation Code Flow"[1] (possibly with PKCE[2]) for web and mobile applications.

With the "Authorisation Code Flow"[1] in place, we will also have the ability to reuse the auth(entic|oris)ation system for other applications, e.g. the QC App


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