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Rework Resources


  • assigned: fredm
  • status: closed, completed
  • priority: medium
  • type: refactor, feature request, design change
  • keywords: auth, authorisation, resources, design change, gn-auth


The authorisation system uses the idea of "Resources" as its most basic model: users have privileges to act on resources.

The problem is that this concept is not currently (as of 06 Sept 2023) implemented for the entire system: The only supported resources currently are:

  • Phenotype resources
  • Genotype resources
  • mRNA resources

For the "system" itself, and "user groups" we have special cases to handle the user privileges.

With the addition of case-attribute editing stuff, we also run into the issue where the current existing system is not generic enough, and the code thus needs yet another edge case.

This means that there is a need to refactor the code to make the concept of a "resource" global, and any/all privileges a user has should act on a particular resource. We can then add the resource types/categories as we encounter them, without having to change most of the core code dealing with the authorisations.


  • [x] Make resource to represent the system itself
  • [x] Make resources, each representing one of the "user groups"
  • [ ] Make resources, each representing the users of the system -- maybe?

Update 2024-02-27

The resource system was updated a while ago.

We still do not view users as resources for the time being, and handle them slightly different from the rest of the system, controlling access to the users via other resources like the 'System' and 'Group' resources.

This is considered completed.

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