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Bug with linking data


  • assigned: fredm, zsloan
  • priority: high
  • status: open
  • keywords: authentication, authorisation, oauth2, xapian
  • type: bug


While trying to link some newly-added data to the "pheno-xboecp" resource in the AutoAdminGroup, I noticed a few issues: - Searching for traits using group:BXD doesn't work. This is apparently because it's requiring searches to be in lower-case (group:bxd: does work). This is likely some issue related to the xapian search/indexing rather than the authorisation interface specifically. - After selecting traits to link and clicking "Link Selected" the page notifies me that the data was successfully linked, but it still continues to appear in the table - After the above, I still can't view the traits in question, which seems to imply that they weren't actually linked - Due to the number of phenotype traits in the AutoAdminGroup phenotype resource, it's not reasonably possible to search through its contents (so I can't verify that they were/weren't linked in that way)

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