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Migrate to Python3.10


  • priority: high
  • keywords: python3.10
  • status: closed
  • assigned: bonfacem, fredm, alex, zachs


Migrate the application(s) over to Python3.10.

The sections below will note the migration issues for the various apps.



  • Created branch `migrate-to-python3.10` with some minor changes to adapt code to Python3.10

#### Migrate Libraries

  • [ ] yoyo-migrations
  • others ...

Migration Notes

This error in guix-forge:

bonfacem@tux02 ~ $ zcat /var/log/guix/drvs/d6/48xcspiykyhcink41968zhfr15w2d5-guix-forge.drv.gz 
(repl-version 0 1 1)
(exception unbound-variable (value #f) (value "Unbound variable: ~S") (value (match-record-lambda)) (value #f))

... is because match-record-lambda is from a relatively new version of guix---probably one in which python is on 3.10.

This failing mypy test:

Bugfix: fix error when loading Python module based migrations, caused by changes to importlib in Python 3.8.10 and Python 3.9.5.

Has been discussed and resolved in:


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